Integrated Policy To Protect Raute

Karnali provincial government is all set to bring an integrated policy for the protection and promotion of the endangered Raute community living a nomadic life in the hilly districts of the province.
The Ministry of Social Development is poised to formulate such policy in an effort to preserve their cultures and traditions.
Minister for the Ministry Yagya Bahadur BC said Raute was a community of Karnali with different traditions and cultures and that it was the responsibility of the province to protect them by formulating an integrated policy.
He informed that work would be done in accordance with the policy from next July.
He added that the outsider’s entry had been prohibited in the Raute settlement in a bid to prevent them from interfering with Raute’s culture.
“Management of security, food, shelter and clothing will be included in the policy.
The Ministry will work in accordance with the policy to protect Raute’s values, beliefs and culture,” said Minister BC.
“The recent incident of sexual exploitation against two young women of the Raute community by outsiders necessitated the security of the settlement and the ban on entry of outsiders,” he added.
Their population is on the decline.
Expressing concerns over the declining population of the community, Minister BC also directed the concerned bodies to curb child malnutrition rate in the community by improving nutrition.
Secretary at the Ministry Krishna Prasad Kapri said the Raute community should be protected because they were the identity of the Karnali province.
“The Ministry is preparing a policy to protect Raute, who embraces traditional culture, customs and beliefs,” he said, adding that the government would consult with the community as well.
Chief District Officer Chhabilal Rijal said following the recent incident of sexual exploitation of young Raute women, their settlement had been sealed to prevent outsiders from entering and the measure would also help to prevent misconduct in the community.
He mentioned that the culture, traditions and beliefs of the community were being played in Youtube videos, among others.
Lately, the community is settled at the banks of Bheri River in Gurbhakot Municipality of Surkhet district.
The Gurans Village Municipality of Dailekh district has been providing social security allowance to the community by giving them identity cards. Their population is estimated at about 146.

Source : TRN,