Internet Service Dysfunctional In Humla For Four Days

Service recipients have been hit hard following the disruption of internet service of Nepal Telecom in Humla for the past four days.

Internet service has been disrupted in Humla district since Saturday evening. With the disruption, the service recipients in and around district headquarters Simkot have been deprived of internet service.

Over a dozen of banks and financial institutions operational in Simkot has faced trouble in delivering banking services. Even their financial transactions have been halted in lack of internet service.

When the ADSL internet service did not work the government and non-government organizations as well as two radio FMs operated in the district are also reeling under troubled time, shared station manager of radio Karnali Awaaz, Nawaraj Mahatara.

Likewise, the internet service disruption has also troubled media workers in disseminating the news.

The technical glitch surfaced in the repeater tower of Nepal Telecom based in Mahabulekh of Kalikot caused disruption of internet service, according to the Nepal Telecom Office Simkot.

Though maintenance works are continued the trouble has yet to be fixed.

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