Isolation Centers Vacant; All Infected At Home

Bhaktapur district on Monday has witnessed addition of 128 coronavirus infection cases. Though daily over 100 coronavirus positive people are being included in the district tally the isolation centers set up in Bhaktapur are lying vacant.    
The isolation centers are lying idle when the infected people have preferably chosen to stay at home isolation. There are 871 beds in different isolation centers in Bhaktapur but as of Tuesday afternoon only 59 coronavirus diagnosed are receiving treatment.    
According to the district health office data, there are 15-bed isolation center in Bhaktapur hospital, six in Bhaktapur cancer hospital, 150 in Sainik Awasia Mahavidyalaya, four in Da Iwamura hospital, one in Siddi memorial hospital, two in Public Heath Chyamhasingh, 75 in Brahmayani isolation center, 150 in KMC hospital Duwakot, 130 in Army International Institute Kharipati, 23 in Drinking Water Training Centre Telkot and 200 in Nepal Electricity Authority Training Center Kharipati.    
Likewise Summit hospital has 10-bed isolation center, one in BP Eye hospital, four in Arogya hospital, three in Nagarik community hospital, 13 in Madhyapur hospital, nine in Nepal Korea Friendship municipality hospital, 50 in Agriculture Development Bank’s training center Bode and 75 in Bir Dal Battalion Suryabinayak.

Source : RSS, Photo : RSS,