ISPs to hike internet fees by 13% from July

  • July 11, 2019

The Internet Service Providers Association Nepal (ISPAN) is going to hike the internet fee by 13 % following the government’s failure to implement the agreement reached with the ISPAN and the government last year. The new internet fee will come into effect from 17 July, said Bhoj Raj Bhatta, Chairman of the ISPAN.

The internet providers in mid-July, last year,  also decided to increase the internet fee in a wake to the government’s decision to levy 13% Telecommunication Service Charge (TSC) on the internet providers. The government’s decision was then criticized as “Hypocrisy” to what they promised of “everywhere wifi ” during their federal election campaign in 2074 BS.

The Internet Service Providers took back their decision to hike the internet price after the agreement between the ISPAN and the government reached. The government in the agreement assured the ISPs of subsidizing 6.5% TSC and waive TSC on internet wires and routers, leased line data connectivity and repair costs.

Since the agreement was not carried out by the government, the ISPAN has decided to increase the internet fee. A minimum of at least Rs 100 on a minimum package will be added to the current fees for internet subscribers, while other fees will be determined in accordance with the packages.

On the other hand, the government is seeking for a meeting with the authorities of IPS, requesting not to pass the new decision as it adds burden to customers, said Rishi Ram Tiwari, spokesperson for the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.