Issuing Certificates Without Training Punishable

Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security Krishna Kumar Shrestha has said that stern actions would be taken against those giving training certificates to the Nepali migrant workers going abroad for jobs.

Stating that the orientation training for those going for foreign employment would be tightened, he said that strict action would be taken against those who were found to be taking and giving training certificates instead of the required orientation training.

Speaking at an interaction programme with stakeholders on the status of implementation of the modified pre-departure orientation training, organised by the Secretariat of the Foreign Employment Board on Sunday in the Capital, he said that the pre-departure orientation training would be made effective and timely to make foreign employment safe and rewarding.
The information provided to the service recipients prior to their departure is crucial for their safety and income. According to Minister Shrestha, quality service delivery will be ensured by merging the orientation training providers.

Secretary at the Ministry, Eaknarayan Aryal, said that the lack of pre-departure orientation training would increase risks in foreign employment, so it should not be limited to formalities. According to him, thematic training should be made effective to make journey of the people going for foreign employment safe, dignified and fruitful.
Adviser to the Ministry, Dr. Keshav Basyal, stressed on the need to provide information about the destination country, foreign employment law, safe employment and other rights in the pre-departure orientation training. He further added that the pre-departure orientation training has not been effective so far.

Director General of the Department of Foreign Employment, Shesh Narayan Poudel said that the people going for foreign employment should be given important information related to the destination country, existing laws, religion, culture, customs as well as services and procedures available for legal treatment in case of any problem.
Likewise, Executive Director of the Foreign Employment Board Secretariat, Rajan Prasad Shrestha said that a country manual has been prepared by revising the pre-departure orientation training curriculum.

The representatives of the organizations providing orientation said that it was difficult to provide quality training at low cost, and their problems should also be addressed.
Pre-departure orientation training has been conducted by the Orientation Training Providers licensed by the government. Article 27 of the Foreign Employment Act, 2007 and sub-article 20 of the Foreign Employment Rules, 2007 provide that the workers going for foreign employment must take orientation training as prescribed.

Source : TRN,