Janaki Temple invites Indian Home Minister Shah, UP CM Adityanath for Bibaha Panchami

  • November 17, 2019

Janaki Mandir is a Hindu temple in Janakpur in the Mithila region of Nepal, dedicated to the Hindu goddess Sita.

Invitations have been sent to Home Minister of India, Amit Shah, and Chief Minster of Uttar Pradesh in India, Yogi Adityanath, to attend this year’s festivities of BIbaha Panchami in Janakpur.

Bibaha Panchami celebrates the wedding of Hindu Lord Ram and Sita. As per Hindu scriptures, Ram was born in Ayodhya of India and Sita was the daughter of King Janak in Janakpur. Every year, a flock of Indian pilgrims from Ayodhya throng the Janaki Temple with a wedding procession to celebrate the occasion. Last year, UP CM Yogi Adityanath had attended the ceremonies.

According to a representative of Janaki Temple, Mahanta Ram Roshan Das Baisnav, the temple authorities have informed the tourism ministry of the federal government about the same. Baisnav added that the two Indian leaders would definitely come to Janakpur if the central government made an effort and paid ample attention to the event.

This year, Bibaha Panchami has fallen on December 1 (Mangsir 15). However, VIP and VVIP guests have been asked to arrive Janakpur two days early i.e. on November 29.  “The temple will witness hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from Nepal and India on the very day of the festival. Hence, we’ve invited the VIP and VVIP guests to arrive early so as to avoid the crowd,” said Baisnav.