Japan Gives 160 Oxygen Generators

In an effort to tackle the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the government of Japan has provided 160 sets of oxygen generators to Nepal. The essential medical equipment will be delivered to 58 hospitals across the country.
Upon handing over the generators, Kikuta Yutaka, ambassador of Japan to Nepal, said that the wait for the long-awaited oxygen generators was finally over.
“This high-tech equipment can generate concentrated oxygen without oxygen cylinders, so hospitals can supply oxygen to patients immediately,” said Yutaka.
“Although they are not ventilators in ICUs, they, according to medical experts, are quite useful for the COVID-19 patients up to a certain level. Together we shall tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.”
The Government of Japan has been supporting Nepal under the Japanese Grant Aid.
Japan will provide six Japanese-made ambulances in October in a bid to mitigate the shortage of ambulances during the pandemic, reads a statement issued by the embassy on Thursday. The ambulances will serve as mobile hospitals to manage emergency cares.
Similarly, in an attempt to rein in the coronavirus pandemic, Nepali expatriates residing in Bangladesh handed over health-related equipment and materials to Dr. Banshidhar Mishra, ambassador of Nepal to Bangladesh, in Dhaka, the capital, on Wednesday.
The support includes 10 sets of oxygen concentrators, 10 sets of oxytherapy, 5 CPAC and 10 pieces of flowmeters with humidifier.
Tika Limbu, one of the Nepali expatriates, expressed satisfaction over the donation of the health materials.
Envoy Dr. Mishra expressed his sincere gratitude to the Nepali expatriates for their solidarity with the people and government of Nepal. The health equipment arrived in Kathmandu from Dhaka on Thursday through a chartered flight, along with other assistance provided by Bangladesh Army to Nepal Army.