Jet Boat Service In Operation In The Country’s Biggest Man-Made Lake

Jet Boat service has been brought into operation in the country’s biggest man-made lake, Bharat Lake, constructed at Bagmati municipality-12 in Sarlahi district.

Although the construction of the lake has not been completed, the jet boat service has been brought into operation from June 24 this year. The 35-seat motorboat has been brought into operation in the artificial lake, constructed around two kilometres south from the east-west highway.

Mayor of Bagmati municipality, Bharat Kumar Thapa, said that the lake has now become the centre of attraction. ‘Hundreds of domestic and foreign tourists arrive here to see the lake and enjoy boat rides,’ he added.

The 45-feet deep lake has been constructed on 121 bighas of land with the special initiation of Mayor Thapa.

A large number of people with their family members visit the lake to enjoy the boat ride and during the summer season on Saturday.
Deputy-Mayor, Leela Kumari Moktan, shared that the lake was constructed with a plan to provide employment to around 1,200 youths of the municipality area.

She said that the lake would be an important source for income generation of the municipality.

According to the municipality, there is a plan to construct a garden, park and picnic spot making the lake systematic. The lake is also becoming a famous place for making Tiktok videos. Out of the total visitors visiting the lake, around 90 per cent make Tiktok video.

Although the total cost of the lake has been estimated at around Rs 300 million, it has not been made public yet.

Similarly, motorboats named Rhinos, Fishtail and Jet Boat would bring into operation in the lake while the 300-seat mini-cruse having 26 deluxe rooms, restaurants and seminar hall is being designed.

People’s representatives of different local levels across the nation also used to visit the area for the study of the lake and tourism development of the area.

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