Jumla Again Witnesses Coronavirus Cases


The deadly COVID-19 infection has again surfaced in the district which had recorded zero cases for two times before.

The health experts have pointed out the pandemic again witnessed in the district due to carelessness of the public.

The district had recorded zero infection case on July 27 for the first time and again on September 30 for the second time.

The infection is interpreted by the locals as common cold therefore it is tough to convince them to adopt health protocols, said the Chief District Officer Bhupendra Thapa.

He further shared that the administration faces several criticism while issuing lockdown and prohibitory order in the past.

The district has recorded 330 cases of coronavirus from April to till the date.

A total of 48 cases were registered on Wednesday itself again leading the district towards the ladder of further climax of the cases.

Of eight local levels, Chandan Nath Municipality has recorded highest cases of 31.

The health institution with modern facilities, Karnali Academy of Health Sciences in the region has so far cured 282 infected patients.

It is shared that of total infected, five patients are kept in institutional isolation centres while 43 are in home isolation.

The local administration has notified that 10,792 individuals were tested PCR so far.

The record shows that 1,172 people have returned home from India while 32 from Malaysia and Qatar after lockdown.

The KAHS has only 10 ICU beds. Similarly, the district has only 445 normal isolation beds developed by local levels and the Nepali Army.

The CDO Thapa further shared that they had urged the federal government to manage additional ICU and normal isolation beds in the district.

Source : RSS,