Kali Marsi Rice Finds Market In Japan

The demand for agro produce including the Jumli Marsi rice and organic beans is increasing in the international market. In this connection, agro-products worth more than 600 thousand have been exported first time from the Jumla district to Japan.

The proprietor of Organics and Super Foods, Raj Shahi said his firm exported three tonnes of the Kali Marsi variety rice grains and beans.
“One tonne Marsi rice and black lentil, two tonnes of beans and 10 kilogrammes dried apple chips has been exported to Japan at the coordination of Bhuwan Shrestha, the proprietor of Purna Trading based in Tokyo,” Shahi said.

According to the locals of Jumla, this is the first time food products grown in Karnali have been exported to the overseas market. They hope that the country’s name would be publicized in the international market with the export of the Jumli Marsi and beans.

Meanwhile, preparations have reached the final stage for exporting 20 tonnes of Jumli Marsi rice and beans to Canada.

Shahi said they are exporting 15 tonnes of Marsi rice, four tonnes of beans, one-tonne green peas, and millet to Canada at the coordination of Dr. Purna Kandel of the Canada-based Liam Food Corporation. These exports would have the logo ‘ Karnali Super Food’ on them.

Shahi also said that interested customers can buy agro-products from Jumla at the ‘Jumla Ghar Organics” outlet located at New Baneshwor in Kathmandu. One can get apples, beans, onion, lentils, walnut, Marsi rice, millet flour, jimbu, ayurvedic tea, buckwheat, quinoa flour, foxtail millet flour and Timur at the outlet.

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