Kaligandaki rocks head for India from Janapurdham

The rocks from Kaligandaki that will be used to make statues depicting Lord Ram and Sita in their childhood and be placed in the sanctum of the Ram Temple under construction in Ayodhya, India, left Janakpurdham on Monday.

The two rocks, weighing 16 and 18 metric tonnes, were brought to the Janaki Temple in Janakpur on Saturday night. They were extracted from the Kailgandaki River, the only water body in the world where the sacred Shaligram stones are found, on Wednesday and were brought to the city after a special Rudrabhishek on Saturday.

They were taken around the city of Janakpurdham on Monday morning and left the city for India in the afternoon. Ram Tapeshwor Das Baishav, the Mahantha priest of Janaki Temple, said that a puja was performed at the temple to bid farewell to the sacred boulders which was attended by the chief of Madhes Province Hari Shankar Mishra, Chief Minister Saroj Kumar Yadav, Speaker of the Provincial Assembly Ram Chandra Mandal, Nepali Congress leader Bimalendra Nidhi, CPN (UML) leader Juli Kumari Mahato, Loktantrik Samajwadi Party (Nepal) leader Anil Kumar Jha and others.

Source : TRN,