Kanchanpur Sees Increasing Inflow Of Migratory Birds

The mobility of migratory birds has increasingly seen in the rivers, lakes and wetland areas of Kanchanpur district.

Migratory birds are seen coming to the warmer zones of Nepal through mountains after temperature dipped down to minus in Siberia, Kirgizstan, Japan, North China and Mongolia among other countries.

The seasonal migration of birds has been continued for years especially during the winter season in search for food and warm temperature. Most of the migratory birds are found to be of wild and hunter species.

Flow of migratory birds has increasingly visible in the Shikari Lake, Baba Lake, Salgaudi Lake and Rani Lake of the Shuklaphanta National Park lately.

The trend of migratory inflow has continued in Kalikich, Bandataal, Mahakali, Chaudhar, Syali, Sanbora and Doda River among others outside the national park boundary.

The inflow of birds which started from the third week of September will go through the December-end. With the rise in mercury the migrated birds normally go back to their old destination.

As many as 150 species of birds migrate to Nepal to avoid cold temperature from different parts of the world every year, said bird expert of Nepal Birds Conservation Association, Hiralal Dagaura.

Bird experts have stressed the need to bring reforms in the habitat of birds, conserve the wetland and mitigate poaching and smuggling for the protection of birds.

Source : RSS,