Karki Brothers Begin Multi-Purpose Farm With Investment Rs. 72 Million

The Karki brothers, who have returned home after one and a half decades of foreign employment, have brought a multi-purpose agricultural farm into operation by investing Rs. 72.5 million.

They have started an agriculture and animal husbandry enterprise on the same land by purchasing two bighas of paddy fields in Jhunabari at the rate of Rs. 4.2 million per bigha.

At present, large sheds are being constructed to raise 1,000 pigs, 600 Boer goats, 400 turkeys, 200 local chickens, and 600 kadaknaths (Indian breed of chicken). The lockdown that started in the country after they began work last year has delayed construction by six months.

It was too late to put the pigs in the shed. By this time, the goal was to produce piglets and send them to the market. However, the lockdown was not favorable to construct the cowshed and the suppliers could not provide baby pigs.

Director Shailendra Karki said, “We had ordered 100 per cent Boer goats from Australia and South Africa. Suppliers could not bring them due to lockdown.” Similarly, two fish ponds have been constructed in one bigha of land. Operator Shailendra Karki said that six different species of fish were put in the ponds.

Karki, who returned home after running a hotel business for 10 years, said, “I decided not to return to India again.” We have started a business together to create employment in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry.”

His brother Tekraj Karki has invested all the money he earned in New Zealand for 12 years in agribusiness. He said that the target is to invest Rs. 120 million within three years and earn Rs. 10 million annually. Along with Tekraj and Shailendra, their brother Suman Karki has also dreamed of becoming economically prosperous through agriculture and animal husbandry.

After living in Dubai, Qatar, and Malaysia for 11 years, his foreign employment journey has come to a complete stop. He said that he worked up to 14 hours a day abroad. By investing the same amount of time in the country, one can earn Rs. 200,000-Rs. 400,000 easily in Nepal.

He said that all the money earned abroad has been invested in multi-purpose agricultural firms. The Karki brothers, who started the business by registering a firm in January last year, have been assisted by their maternal uncle Rajendra Budhathoki as a partner.

Budhathoki also returned to Nepal from Saudi Arabia after eight years. had planted Super Napier grass on three bighas of land last year expecting the Boer goats to arrive. But the goats could not arrive in time. Now they are selling the same grass. Operator Suman Karki said that they have already sold grass saplings.