Karnali Govt directed to address oxygen shortage

The Social Development Committee in the Karnali Province Assembly has directed the Province Government to immediately address the shortage of oxygen supply in the Province amidst the raging Covid-19. A meeting of the Committee held on Saturday under the Chair of its President Devi Oli directed the government not to delay in setting up an oxygen plant with the capacity of refilling 1,000 cylinders at a time. ‘’The committee is concerned about the report that Province Hospital, Surkhet denied to admit Covid-19 patients, citing the lack of oxygen and directed the government to address the issue at the earliest,” said Oli. ‘’Besides, the committee instructed the government to ensure the medical supplies essential for Covid-19 response,” she added. The Committee also asked the government to ensure uninterrupted power supply to all the health facilities in the Province struggling to deal with the surging cases. The meeting has agreed to intensify hospital monitoring and urged the people to take all recommended health protocols against the infection. It has appealed to the non-government offices and the private sector to cooperate with the government in the management of drugs and other medical supplies crucial for the prevention and control of the Covid-19 and to treat the infected ones.

Source : RSS,