Karnali Technical School Awaits Renovation, Proper Management

The Karnali Technical School is in the long wait of renovation. The physical condition of the country’s first technical school is in sorry state. The road inside the school is in the wretched condition. The structure lacks a proper fencing.

The school established in 2030 BS with a view to developing Karnali as a hub for technical school has been facing an acute shortage of drinking water, forcing students and teachers to drink polluted water. The forty-year-old physical infrastructure awaits maintenance.

Its roof leaks during rain. Locals are much worried to see the dilapidated school. So far, it got 26 chiefs but the fate of school never changed. Local Karna Bahadur Bhandari complained the maintenance and protection of school has not drawn the concern from anywhere.

”The school which stretches to 652 ropanis of land wears a deserted look and it is a shame for us,” he said. School building walls are scrambled.

The school does not get its face lift even after the implementation of federalism in the country. According to locals, the school’s condition is however good in official reports.

School Principal Tekendra Thapa who assumed office just a week ago admitted that school’s was in sorry state. He pledged to come with plans to change the face of the school in the next five years. As he said, the school will be rebuilt without changing its original course.

“Efforts will be made to ensure improvements in the school condition in cooperation with all stakeholders concerned, guardians, locals and local governments,” he vowed.

The school offers bachelor’s degree classes in four subjects: civil engineering, plant science, forestry and pharmacy. It has planned to run diploma classes in veterinary. If the proramme becomes successful, the school will lobby for the agro engineer class.

Besides, the school also runs classes for sub overseer and JTA and it has been already instructed to cease the CMA and ANM classes and no students were enrolled for these programmes this year.

Source : RSS,