Kathmandu DAO Issues 13-Point Order To Control Virus Spread

Kathmandu District Administration Office Tuesday issued a 13-point directive to control the spread of the new variant of COVID-19 pandemic.
The directive issued by administrative officer Man Bahadur Budha called for closure of all educational institutions, cinema halls, party palaces, gym halls and other crowded places till mid-May. Everyone is instructed to follow the health standards in public transport, not to gather more than 25 people and to follow the health standards while worshiping/ praying in the temples and mosques.
The Kathmandu District Administration Office has warned that any person or organisation found disobeying the 13-point directive or obstructing its implementation would be punished according to the Infectious Diseases Control Act, 2020.
The directive has a provision of taking prior permission from the District Administration Office by giving a separate application to open the party venues for weddings and other rituals limiting the number of participants at 25.
However, any community or individual who wants to perform rituals in the presence of less than 25 guests in their homes does not need permission or prior approval from the CDO, according to the directive.