Kathmandu Metropolis Prepares To Fill Water In Kamal Pokhari

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City is preparing to fill 250 liters of water in the Kamal Pokhari (pond) within the next few days.

The local government plans to complete the first phase of pond reconstruction works by mid April and fill water.

Mayor Bidya Sundar Shakya said,” The reconstruction project reports above 70 per cent progress and we have planned to fill 250 liters of water in the pond within the next few days.

As he said, no artificial (concrete) image of the lotus is being placed in the middle of the pond as it is rumoured. “The construction is totally based on the vastushastra.”

Sharing information about the pond, he said there will be four attractive ‘mandaps’ or altar depicting cultural significance in the four corners of the pond and there will be one mandap in the main entrance which will face east.

Around Rs 63.6 million has been invested in the pond based in the Kathmandu metropolis-1 and it stretches to around 23 ropani 14 ana of land. The pond is to feature nine chaityas (Buddhist temple) and main entrance to the pond will feature the Nepali architecture.

Other infrastructures on the pond premises will have roofs build from Jhingati (traditional brick tiles) and the pond will have five makardhara (stone spouts bearing the image of the head of the crocodile).

Source : RSS,