Kathmandu View Tower Construction Sees Dismal Progress; 15 Percent Works In Five Years

The construction of Kathmandu view tower that began around five years back has made dismal progress of 15 percent as of now.

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) admitted that the construction progress was only 15 percent during five years since its beginning.

Former chief of KMC Public Private Partnership unit, Dhruba Kafle said that the metropolis should wait for the contracted period as per the rule despite dismal progress in construction.

As per the agreement the construction progress should be almost 75 percent but the target has not been realized. The foundational works under-land have been completed while the task of installing pillar is underway now. With this overall progress of the construction accounts 15 percent.

Now daily 100 workers are being mobilized in the construction work. It may be noted that the KMC had already extended the deadline by a year to facilitate the completion of under-land construction acting on the stipulated rule.

A contract was signed by the KMC and Jaleswor, Swachchhanda and BIKOI Builders around six years back for the construction of the view tower. The company however had started the construction works since 14 August 2016.

As per the agreement the construction works should be completed by 14 August 2021 but the progress does not indicate much to that end.

Twenty three ropanies five ana land has been allotted for the construction of the tower. Out of this 40 percent land will be occupied by the tower structure while 60 percent will remain as open space. The high-rise tower will reflect Nepali art and culture.

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