Kathmandu: Yeti Airline aircraft skids at TIA, all passengers/crew members safe

  • July 12, 2019

An image of the aircraft involved in the accident.

A Yeti Airlines aircraft skidded along the runway of Tribhuvan International Airport on Friday morning. All passengers/crew members are reported to be safe – however the airport had to be shut down following the accident.

The airline, arriving from Nepalgunj carrying 66 passengers and 3 crew members skidded 20 metres off the runway and came to a complete halt at the taxiway while making a landing approach from Koteshwor side. All passengers and crew members were immediately evacuated.

Although the exact cause of the skid is yet to be ascertained, airport officials are suggesting the weather’s responsibility behind the attack – it has been raining continuously in and around the valley. The airport is expected to open after an hour.