King Cobra Spotted In Baglung

A king cobra has been spotted at Mulpani of Baglung municipality-7. The poisonous snake was found in the house of local Sudip Gautam.

A team led by Mahendra Katila, chair of Snake Conservation Society, Pokhara rescued the snake and released it somewhere else safely after the family informed about the presence of the king cobra in their house to police and Division Forest Office.

According to Katila, the king cobra is found in Nepal up to an altitude of 2,200 meters. Mulpani lies at an altitude of around 1,500 meters.

According to police involved in the rescue of venomous reptilian, it was 12 feet long and weighed five kilos. This snake swallows other snakes. During long research, it has been found that this snake does not normally bite humans unless threatened.

It releases venom voluntarily and in case of envenomation, death happens within 30 minutes of the biting. It was released safely near the village.

Assistant forest officer Sandip Poudel said the presence of king cobra and other venomous snakes have been detected of late in the surroundings of Baglung Bazar which suggests the prompt need of ensuring an effective treatment mechanism for snakebite in the district.

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