KMC Intensifies Maintenance And Construction Of Over Bridge

Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has intensified maintenance and construction of over bridge in the current fiscal year in its bid to prevent road accidents.

Currently, the metropolitan city is carrying out maintenance of an overbridge in front of Bir Hospital. The metropolis is preparing to speed up maintenance and construction of over bridge in other areas as per the need.

KMC has over bridges in Sundhara, New Road, Bir Hospital, Ratnapark-Bhotahiti, Jamal, Ratnapark-Bagbazaar, old bus park, Bhadrakali, and a new bus park in its boundary.

The over bridges constructed at Bhadrakali, old bus park, and new bus park in Kathmandu some years ago are not in need of maintenance. KMC spokesperson Isworman Dangol said that the over bridges constructed in other parts of Kathmandu is to be repaired.

In the first phase of new bridge construction, bridges built at Chawahil and in front of the Department of Archaeology have come into operation.

The KMC has stepped up both the tasks of maintenance and construction of over bridge in the needy areas, spokesperson Dangol added. KMC has its plan to construct bridges in eight different areas at the moment.

Two bridges are already constructed; three are in the phase of construction and preparation for remaining is underway.
KMC in collaboration with the Traffic Police and Department of Roads is constructing new bridges in the areas so as to reduce road accidents and ease traffic management.

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