Knowledge Gained Abroad Positive: Minister Gyawali

Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradeep Kumar Gyawali has said that the maximum numbers of Nepalis flying abroad were not only brain drain but also brain gain for the nation. He said that Nepalis who pursue their higher education abroad had created a great opportunity for the nation.
Speaking at an interaction programme organised by the Brain Gain Centre under the Foreign Ministry on Sunday, Minister Gyawali said, “Had the Nepalis not been to abroad in this current situation of globalisation, our nation would be in lack of opportunities.”
He clarified that Nepalis abroad had strengthened Nepal’s identity and dignity across the globe. “Flying abroad and gaining expertise is not a negative thing. This rather caters a range of opportunities for our nation,” he added.
Minister Gyawali said that the government’s policy was to welcome the Nepalis, who have developed their capacity while staying abroad, willing to utilise their abilities here in Nepal. He added that various legislations had provided facilities to the Non-Resident Nepalis to easily work in Nepal.
“The experiences of Nepalis in foreign nations can be shared and implemented in Nepal via digital mediums. Likewise, Nepalis associated with the Non-Resident Nepali Association can be connected to different sectors of Nepal in cooperation with the Brain Gain Centre,” said minister Gyawali.
“Discussions must be held to ascertain why the Nepali universities are far behind from foreign universities in terms of providing quality education,” he added. “As envisioned by the Constitution, higher education in Nepal must be of a good quality, practical, and easily accessible to all.”
Stating that investments only in general education over technical education were the major reason behind the education system of the nation not being as practical, minister Gyawali stressed changing this very culture of investment for the good.
Ambassador of Nepal to Thailand Ganesh Prasad Dhakal, Executive Chairman of Policy Research Academy Dr. Bishnu Raj Upreti, Chief of Kathmandu University Global Engagement Division Dr. Uddhav Pyakurel and expert panelists Dr. Dip Kumar Khadka, Dr. Bed Kafle, Dr. Lata Shakya, Dr. Dipendra KC, Professor Dr. Shovakar Dhakal, Khagendra Raj Dhakal, Srijana Gyawali and Dr. GB Kattel were also present in the programme.
According to Santosh Gautam, Chief of the Brain Gain Centre, the centre was striving to implement the knowledge and expertise gained by Nepalis abroad in the development of the nation.