Koshi Bird Observatory Turns Into A New Travelling Point

Since its inception in 2068 BS, Koshi Bird Observatory (KBO) of Barahakshetra Municipality-2, Khasre, Jabdi, was a place for academic visits. Students of BSc and MSc would use this facility for both of their academic and non-academic research.

However, of late, this facility has turned into a new travelling point for visitors of Nepal’s only wildlife reserve Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve (KTWR). KBO is Nepal’s first bird observatory and is located some 17 kilometer north of KTWR, says Himalayan Nature, a registered charity of Nepal.

Umesh Bhandari, a regular hiker and cyclist from Dharan, goes to KBO in almost all his visits to KTWR. ”Previously, I would visit just around Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve before concluding my journey” said Bhandari, ”These days, I do visit Koshi Bird Observatory also. I came to know about this facility in recent months only from a nature guide friend Sanjeev Acharya.”

Similar is the tale of Milan Bicchod, a broadcast journalist from Itahari. Bichhod said ”Koshi Bird Observatory is a perfect place to study about migratory birds of Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. This facility has things, which are even not available at Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve office.”

KBO stands in a close proximities to nearby important travelling places like Ramdhuni Forest (6 km), Chatara Dham (3 km), Barahakshetra Dham (6 km), Koshi river eastern bank (1 km) and Dharan city (10 km), says the official website of the Himalayan Nature.

According to Bimal Timsina, KBO has trained local students about birds and their characteristics. ”Besides being a center for researches and travelers, our work is to teach local students about migratory birds here”, said Timsina. He added, ”We have trained few hundred students; they come here for four hours in every Saturday. Two students have become nature guides from here.”

Sanjeev Acharya, a trained nature guide and also the chair of Koshi Bird Society, said KTWR has 531 species of birds. ”Because of plenty of birds species KTWR is a must-visit venue for travelers and bird enthusiasts. Koshi Bird Observatory has added beauty to the KTWR”, said Acharya.

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