‘Kotesworko Keto’ To Receive INJA Literary Writing Award

The International Network of Nepali Journalists (INJA) has announced to provide the outstanding literary writing award to litterateur Rajendra Parajuli’s memoir ‘Kotesworko Keto (Boy of Koteswor)’.

Issuing a press release, INJA announced to provide the award of Rs 100,000 to the memoir. The creation was selected for award based on the evaluation criteria of review and sale of the books published in the year 2020, recommendations of literary writers and vote of decision panel.

Literary creation ‘Kotesworko Keto’ has vividly presented the scenario and setting of Kathmandu of four and a half decades back and a live picture of the then suburb culture. The book has reflected the life of suburb, people’s behaviour, culture, character, struggle and pain of then period.

It would be a good reference for researchers to know the context as how the local residents of Koteswor were compelled by the then Panchayati regime to resort to migration and push to poverty trap.

Parajuli who has a three-decade-long experience of journalism is an established fiction writer.

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