Kul Acharya calls for special session of NRNA 

  • January 9, 2020

Outgoing Vice President of the Non Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), Kul Acharya, has called for a special convention of the association. Interacting with journalists in London on Tuesday afternoon, Acharya called for a special convention to be hosted by stating that the Ninth World Conference of the Federation held in Kathmandu last October did not pass the economic and organizational report.

“The absence of financial and organizational reports has negatively impacted the dignity of our institution and news of various irregularities has come out.” Demanding a special convention, Acharya said that the tickets and hotel bookings have not been made public at the World Knowledge Conference held in the first year.

“Transparency has not been maintained in the meetings and conferences,” he added.

Acharya also raised questions about the recent meeting of ICC. He raised the issue, saying the nomination of the meeting was one-sided and biased.

“It is not in the interest of the organization to nominate its nearest people, ignoring the recommendations made by the regional coordinators (RCs). This work is sure to make the organization more vulnerable,” he said.

Stating that the organization was founded by the labor and sweat of millions of NRNs, he said that everyone should take precautions to protect its credibility.

Acharyal also expressed dissatisfaction with the current leadership of the NRNA in regard to the welfare of Nepalis abroad. According to Acharya, NRNA’s current leadership is not interested in how non-resident Nepalis living around the world are concerned about how their property is protected in Nepal and how to get non-resident Nepali citizenship in a convenient way.

Acharya was the Vice President of NRNA during his previous tenure. He was defeated with Kumar Pant, despite competing for the post of chairman in the NRNA elections held last October. He has also been accused of irregularities and fraud in the NRNA elections held in Kathmandu.