Lack Of Fund Affects School Rebuilding

Reconstruction of the earthquake-damaged school buildings is likely to be affected in lack of required funds. The Central Project Implementation Unit (Education) of National Reconstruction Authority has stated that there would be a shortfall of Rs. 1.33 billion to complete the school rebuilding works.

The schools, which were to conclude an agreement to reconstruct their buildings the last fiscal year, are still facing a shortage of funds. Making public the school reconstruction programme and progress report, the unit submitted the same report to Minister of Education, Science and Technology Devendra Poudel this week.

According to the unit, 5,564 schools have been reconstructed till date through the school management committees, 377 through contractors and 703 from non-governmental organisations. There are 496 schools under construction from the school management committees, 352 from contractors and 88 from non-governmental organisations, Yuvraj Poudel, director of the unit, informed.
Project head Ram Sharan Sapkota of the unit informed that the school management committees have taken responsibility for the construction of 6,060 schools in 31 districts with the help of the government and 90 per cent of the work has been completed.

Likewise, the unit has a plan to develop drinking water projects for 1,670 schools in 31 districts and 90 per cent work on the projects has completed till now.
Regarding the insufficient budget for the programme, Minister Poudel said that he would demand for the amount from the Ministry of Finance. He further said that he would discuss with the donor agencies for additional amount.
Poudel directed the unit to complete the reconstruction work as soon as possible.

Source : TRN,