Rabi Lamichhane and other accused released

  • August 26, 2019

An earlier image of Rabi Lamichhane with the public behind his back.

Chitwan District Court has released popular TV presenter Rabi Lamichhane, journalist Yubraj Kandel, and nurse Asmita Karki from custody today. The three were accused of abetting in the suicide of journalist Shalikram Pudasaini.

A single bench of Judge Hemanta Rawal decided to release the trio after recording their statements this afternoon. The judge ordered Lamichhane to post a bail of NRS 5,00,000, Kandel to post NRS 3,00,000 whereas Asmita Karki was released on a general date.

Lamichhane, Kandel and Karki had been taken in police custody from Kathmandu on August 15. They were brought to Kathmandu and kept in custody since. Police completed the investigation yesterday, and filed charge sheets against the three.

The three were being investigated after a video accusing them had surfaced, allegedly recorded by journalist Shalikram Pudasaini before committing suicide. In the video he is seen accusing the three for abetting in his suicide. Pudasaini was found hanging in a hotel in Chitwan on August 6.