Land Ownership To Landless Settlers

Chairperson of the Land-related Problems Resolution Commission Devi Prasad Gyawali has said that the Commission will begin giving away land ownership certificates to the landless settlers from coming March. Agreement has been reached with 14 local levels in the first phase to begin the distribution of land ownership certificates.

Speaking at a function organised to inaugurate the collection of details and data of the landless, Dalit, landless settlers and unorganized settlements in Kawasoti of Nawalpur on Saturday, Chair Gyawali said data collection will be completed in 14 local levels by mid-March and then the distribution of certificates will begin thereafter.

The commission is working on the basis of the latest land act and hence it will be successful in its mission, he said. Complex cases will be dealt with gradually while the easy ones will be resolved in the first phase.

He also made it clear that the latest political developments would not have any impact on the work of the Commission.

Kawasoti municipality of Nawalparasi and Rupa rural municipality of Kaski are the first local level units in Gandaki province to reach an agreement with the Commission to begin the work of data collection on the landless.

Source : RSS,