Last Week Records Zero Covid-19 Fatality Of Nepalis Abroad

There was zero Covid-19 fatality of Nepalis abroad last week.

It is the first zero death case in the last six weeks, according to Non-Resident Nepalis Association (NRNA).

The Covid-19 pandemic has so far taken the lives of 341 Nepalis in different 21 countries so far. Coordinator of NRNA Health Committee, Dr Sanjiv Sapkota, informed that even the infection rate of Covid-19 declined last week. The countries with infection in Nepalis last week are Sweden, Spain, Kenya and UAE.

NRNA has recorded that 63,307 Nepalis living in 53 countries across the globe got the infection, among which, 61,238 got recovery.

Back at home, the Covid-19 has taken the lives of 3,014 people while the total infection reached 275,178. The recovery rate in Nepal is 98.6 percent.

Dr Sapkota has urged all Nepalis to take anti-Covid-19 vaccine without any doubt and fear.

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