Latvian Envoy Visits Mountain Museum

Latvian Ambassador to Nepal has said that his country will seek to establish its formal diplomatic relationship with Nepal in future.
Ambassador Artis Bertulis, who recently flew to Kathmandu from New Delhi, where he heads Latvia’s Indian mission, stressed future cooperation and promotion of cultural ties with Nepal and building new contacts.
The Republic of Latvia has an honorary consul in Kathmandu whose services will be sought in setting up new contacts to build a relationship between the two nations, he added.

Speaking about Nepal, envoy Bertulis said that both Nepali and Latvian peoples are known for their work ethics. Both the peoples are hard-working and honest lots, he said.
“The people here are friendly and offer a warm welcome to visitors. We have already visited a couple of places. The people I have met are very open. It is quite striking that many of them live difficult lives, but this does not prevent them from smiling and being pleasant to others.”

During his stay in Nepal, the ambassador led a Latvian delegation that included the honorary Consul of the Republic of Latvia to Nepal to Pokhara, where he observed the International Mountain Museum.
Accompanied by a guide, the delegation got acquainted with the museum’s exhibits and visual materials, which gave an enhanced insight into Nepal’s history, geography, natural resources and culture.
The photo gallery, which showed the Nepalese National Costumes in all their glory, aroused genuine interest, after which the Latvian Ambassador Bertulis had several questions.

A Latvian photojournalist, Persijs Muiznieks, who is currently stationed in Nepal and whose photos and items have been put on display at the International Mountain Museum, accompanied the delegation to Pokhara.
The ambassador praised Muiznieks for working to promote cultural ties between Nepal and Latvia. The work of Muiznieks and American Latvian Eds Viesturs, who reached the mountain summit of 8000 metres fourteen times without an oxygen mask has made Nepal a popular name in Latvia, the envoy said.

He informed many Latvians visit Nepal and its mountains. In the recent past, 70 Latvians visited Nepal’s mountains when the pandemic restrictions were lifted in Nepal. Karan Vaidya, Honorary Consul for the Republic of Latvia in Kathmandu, was also part of the delegation.

Source : TRN,