Lawmakers raise wide array of issues from Guthi Bill to Dengue response

Parliamentarians have raised their concerns over wide range of issues in today’s House of Representatives (HoR) meeting.

From Guthi Bill to government’s dengue response, they demanded prompt action on the part of government to address those issues.

Prem Suwal demanded that the Minister for Health and Population should appraise the parliament about dengue response efforts being undertaken by the government.

He expressed his resentment that although all political parties had resorted to socialist system ideology, they were far from implementing those ideologies in their lives.

Khagaraj Adhikari questioned the government how the Guthi Bill recently introduced by government would resolve the issues related to Guthi.

He blamed that the incumbent government had not released the budget for the road projects taken forward by the erstwhile government in 165 constituencies across the country.

Dr Surya Pathak advised government to consider distributing identity card to the non-resident Nepalis as similar to the government in Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia providing to the Nepalis residing there for generations but having their origin in Nepal.

The descendants of Nepalis who reached those countries during World War II are recognized as the ‘Peoples of origin Nepal’, according to Dr Pathak.

Hit Bahadur Tamang urged the government to make arranges so that all castes, creed, indigenous communities could use their own mother languages as stipulated in the Constitution. (RSS)