Leader Gautam Says He Is Not Associated To Any Groups

Leader of the Nepal Communist Party (NCP), Bamdev Gautam, has clarified that though there are two groups in his party, he is not associated with any of the two groups.

During a special hour of the National Assembly meeting today, leader Gautam said, “Why party was united if it has to be split within three years? There are internal conflicts and disputes in the party. The leader is the one who can resolve problems.”

Saying there is no meaning of party split, he expressed the view that though he had taken efforts to improve the working styles of party leaders, it went in vain.

Leader Gautam complained that he had to play the role of opponent due to various reasons, stating that he has been continuously involving to save the party in the recent period and he made the proposal of no-confidence motion a failure.

He further said, “I thought that the charge-sheet could be a way to improve. I was unaware of while dissolving the House of Representatives.”

Noting that it could not be said as unconstitutional as the case of HoR dissolution is under consideration at the constitutional bench of the Supreme Court, he said that’s why he remained silent.

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