‘Let’s Unify All Communist Parties’

The top leaders of the communist parties have univocally called for unification among all communist political parties in the country.

At a programme organized by the Pushpalal Friendship Centre on the 43rd Pushpalal Memorial Day on Friday, senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal asserted that all communist political parties should be united to safeguard the political movement in the country.

The former Prime Minister opined, “We can forge work alliance if unification is not possible among all communist political parties.”

Nepal viewed that there was a favorable environment for all the political parties to come together and forge a unity for the greater good of the country.

Likewise, standing committee member of CPN (Maoist Centre) Ganesh Shah echoed with Nepal and called for work alliance among the political parties.

Stating that there was only one communist party during the time of Pushpa Lal Shrestha, Shah argued unity is must if the Nepali communists were to honour late Pushpa Lal, the founding general secretary of the Communist Party of Nepal.

Similarly, CPN (Revolutionary Maoist) General Secretary Mohan Baidya observed the estrangement among the communists in the country was largely due to personal reasons rather than ideological differences.

He held the belief that if all the communist parties in the country were united, it could accord highest regard to Pushpa Lal in a real sense.

Rastriya Janamorcha Chairperson Chitra Bahadur KC worried that the communists failed to make the best use of the trust and confidence entrusted on them by the citizens of Nepal.

He ruled that the communist political parties who, according to him, could not bring about good changes in the lives of public despite holding the reign of the leadership time and again.

CPN (UML) Vice-Chair Astalaxmi Shakya spoke of the need for all the communists to come together and assess the drawbacks of the communist movements in the country and aspire for unification.

CPN (Unified) Chairperson Chandra Dev Joshi hinted at the possibility of consolidation of the communist movement provided that the communists reflect on their weakness and tend to correct their flaws.

Source : RSS,