Light Rain, Snowfall Predicted

Partial to generally cloudy weather throughout the country has been predicted along with chances of light rainfall and snowfall at some places.

According to the Meteorological Forecasting Division, the country is witnessing the impact of Westerly wind and the wind carrying water vapour originated from the South East Arabian Sea has also entered the country resulting into the chances of brief rain and snowfall at some places of high mountainous regions of Sudur Pashim, Gandaki and Karnali Provinces. Similarly, light rainfall has been forecast at one or two places of hilly regions.

Presently, there is partial to generally cloudy weather throughout the country.

Tonight, it will be partly to generally cloudy in the Province-1, Province-2 and Bagmati Province along with the hilly regions of the rest of the Provinces.

The Division in its bulletin said light rain was likely to occur at one or two places of Province-1 and chances of light snowfall at some places of the high mountainous region.

The minimum temperature in the Kathmandu Valley was measured at 9.3 degree Celsius while the maximum temperature at 20.0 degree Celsius. Similarly, Jumla reports the lowest -1.5 degree Celsius while Janakpur reports the highest 15.4 degree Celsius across the country. It is the latest update.

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