Light to moderate rain likely at many places of country today

The weather is generally to mostly cloudy throughout the country today with chances of light to moderate rain accompanied by thunder and lightning at many places, according to the Meteorological Forecasting Division.

Similarly, there are chances of heavy rainfall at a few places in Province 1, Madhesh Province, Bagmati Province, Gandaki Province, and Lumbini Province.

Tonight, there will be partly to generally cloudy throughout the country. Light to moderate rain with thunder and lightning has been forecast at some places of the country with the possibility of heavy rain with thunder and lightning at one or two places in Bagmati Province, Gandaki Province, Lumbini Province, Karnali Province, and Sudur Pashchim Province.

According to the Division’s meteorological analysis, the present axis of the monsoon trough is slightly north of the normal position.

The monsoon which has been active for the past few days is likely to become weaker from Wednesday, resulting in weather improvements, according to meteorologist Manju Basi.

At present, light to moderate thundershower is taking place at some parts of Province 1, Bagmati Province, Gandaki Province and Lumbini Province and one or two places of the rest of the places. (RSS)