Locals compelled to cross flooded river in absence of bridge

Locals of Bhajani Municipality of Kailali district have started crossing bridgeless Kandra River at risk despite floods.

According to the locals, crossing the river without a bridge during monsoon has always been an ordeal for them.

Every year, flood hits the Kandra River during monsoon but locals are bound to cross it by risking their life as it is the only option of continuing their livelihood.

It has been 11 years since the construction of a bridge over the river started but it has not been completed yet. Locals stressed that they struggled to cross the river in other seasons as well but it turned far dangerous during the monsoon.

The locals have been using boats to cross the river during the monsoon when the water level in the river increases and the current grows.

“There is nothing we can do. The contractor has not completed the bridge in time. We have called the attention of concerned authorities but nothing concrete has been done yet,” said Bikram Chaudhary, chairman of Ward No. 3, Bhajani Municipality.

The contractor awarded with the construction of the bridge at Ward No. 3 of Bhajani had been out of contact for years. The bridge’s contract was awarded jointly to Salpa/Sherpa-Lama-Biruwa.

The contractor started working some years ago but failed to complete it despite extending the deadline for four times. “The recent deadline ended in March. The contractor has gone out of contact once again just before the deadline ended,” said Er. Padam Madai, information officer at the Postal Highway Project Office.

Since the contractor has been unable to complete the bridge in time, the project has decided to terminate the contract soon. The bridge over the Kandra River is 100 metres long and a budget of Rs. 44.3 million has been allocated.

Source : TRN,