Locals Forced To Pay To Cross River

Locals of the Laljhadi rural municipality, one of the most geographically remote region of the district, are still forced to pay to cross the Doda river. Locals use rubber tubes to cross the river during the winter when the water level is low.

Lack of bridge over the river forces use to pay to the rubber tube operators to cross the river, says Lokendra Rana of Laljhadi-4. People with a cycle have to pay 20 rupees and with a motorcycle have to pay 200 rupees per person to cross the river.

The problem is a result of the dilly dallying in the construction of the bridge over the river along the Bani-Dekhatbhuli-Parsia road. The rural municipality is yet to be linked to public transportation service.

During the winter season we can cross the river with the help of the tube but that will be closed during the summer season, when water levels rise, said Bhajana Rana of Laljhadi-4. And there is always risk of drowning while using the tube to cross the river.

The bridge over the river had been contracted in 2015 but not even half of the work has been done

Source : RSS, Photo : RSS,