Locals of Simkos, Bagargaun compelled to walk three days to exercise voting rights

Locals of Simkos and Bagargaun of Dhawalagiri rural municipality in Myagdi district have been compelled to walk for three days to exercise their voting rights.

It takes altogether three days to locals of remote Simkos and Bagargaun to reach the voting centres and return back home.

A local Chitra Bahadur Tilija said that they leave home one day before the voting and reach the voting centre in the second day and return back home on the third day.

He shared, “We leave home one day before the voting and stay at Naura on the same day, then we reach the voting centres and cast vote on the second and return back to Naura on the same day and stay there. We leave Naura on the third day and reach home on the same day.”

There are only 50 households in Simkos and Bagargaun. Voting centre for Simkos and Bagar has been determined at Buddhi Bikas Secondary School, Mudi. There are more than 100 voters.

Only 57 people had cast their votes in previous local-level election. Senior citizens, persons with disabilities face problem to reach the voting centre as the voting centre is very far from their locality.