Locals Take Initiative To Preserve Indreni Lake

Jhapa locals have now woken up to the benefits of conserving the Indreni Lake both as a way to preserve the environment and promote tourism.
During its heyday, the lake used to be a thriving hub of lush green fields, exotic birds and fresh water. But the Indreni lake today looks dismally different as compared to its former self. Water has started receding giving a rather barren look to the nearby surrounding.
Hyacinths cover most of the reaming lake while bird habitats continue to decline with each passing year.
Widely considered as a jewel of Damak, Indreni lake used to be a popular hub for local tourists. However, due to lack of conservation, the site is today devoid of any visitors. “Without people, the place wears a gloomy look,” laments Suwas Rai, who runs the Lakeside Indreni Cottage.
Until a few years ago, the Indreni Lake spread across a vast area of land. “However, thanks to infrastructural development projects, the lake and the surrounding land has been compromised. Several trees have been chopped off to haphazardly build roads and other infrastructures,” said Bodhraj Neupane, Ward Chaiman of Damak-10.
But the locals are no longer going to take a backseat when it comes to protecting their beloved lake. According to Neupane, the locals have formed the Indreni Lake Conservation Committee under the Chairmanship of Devi Dahal to protect the river. The committee aims to build a road along the perimeter of the lake, which is 1,100 metres long and 50 metres wide.
The master plan for the lake beautification project is reportedly in its final stage.
According to the committee chair, a permanent fence will be constructed at a cost of Rs. 10 million, for which Damak Municipality has already allocated funds of Rs. 5 million.
Already, a graveled path has been constructed around the lake and more than 500 saplings have been planted. Cement will not be used around the area as much as possible and dams and other structures will be constructed naturally.
As per the conservation committee, the lake area will be developed into a tourism hub replete with cottages, lodgings, restaurants and parks for visitors.

Source : TRN,