Lockdown Leaves Haliyas, Wage-Earners Helpless

Haliyas and wage labourers in Baitadi district are facing challenges to make their both ends meet due to the lockdown.

They have no work to earn money and are unable to manage food and other essential items.

The lockdown implemented from May 3 in the district is extended up to May 31. However, Haliyas and wage laborers have got no relief from the local government and other stakeholders, said Laxmi Bhul, a freed Haliya.

Freed Haliyas in Badilek of Dasharath Chand Municipality-4 are forced to remain hungry as they have no means to earn money, said Raju Ram Bhul, a local.

During the last year’s lockdown, the local governments distributed rice and other food items but this year no one, including the government, has distributed food.

There are 2,000 Haliyas in Baitadi and the number of daily wage-earners is also significant.

Last year, each local body in the district had spent about Rs. 6 million to 7 million in relief operation and quarantine management.

Acting Executive Officer of Dasharath Chand, Bikram Bahadur Chand, said that the municipality had received the complaint about the troubles of the wage-earners and a meeting of the municipal executive would soon make a decision about relief distribution.

The number of COVID-19 infected has reached 891 in the district and nine people have died due to the coronavirus.