Lyricist Should Be Professional: Pandey

Dayaram Pandey has been writing song since his childhood.
As he was good in study in schools and colleges, he was also determined to be the first in song writing. He often excelled in cultural programmes organised in school and campus.
He recorded his first song in 2000 for the movie Muskan. It was sung by legendary musician Shambhujit Baskota.
Pandey said he wrote songs for about 90 per cent of the films produced in the decade beginning from 2003. “Then I used to compose songs for half a dozen films in a single sitting,” he claimed.
Pandey, who has worked with many producers, directors, musicians, singers and actors, boasts about his ability to write a song on the spot just in 15 minutes.
Pandey has been on the list of writing many songs for Nepali films. He writes modern, pop and sentimental songs.
Pandey, who spent many years as a journalist in print, radio and television.
Audio cassettes, CDs, and VCDs of the films containing his songs have also been successful commercially. Even now, most of Pandey’s songs have managed to get YouTube trending.
Pandey said he wrote songs for around 500 films and released over 1, 000 songs.
Hum Se Puchhona, Hajurba Le Bhanethey , Yanimaya, Aakhama Gazal Lako Khoi, Musukkai Hasyau Mohani Laayau, Khayal Khayalaima, Sustari Sustari, Timi Saath Huda are his best songs. Having won the best lyricist award continuously since 2007, he won consecutive first, second and third NEFTA Film Awards in 2007, 2008 and 2009 for Ma Hu Nepali, Timro Lagi, and Kun Lokaki Pari songs receptively.
Likewise, he received Kalika Music Award, National Box Office Award, Music Khabar Award, Chhayachhabi Music Award and Kriti Award. He also received Diamond Film Award, Film Journalism Award, Natikaji National Music Award and others.
He said, “I have experience of working with two generations of singers.”
“I worked with Sabhujit Baskota and his son Suryajit Baskota and Udit Narayan, Deepa Narayan and their son Aditya Narayan Jha as well.”
The role of a lyricist is key in the success of a song, but the place of the lyricist has been overshadowed, he said. “A lyricist should always be professional,” he added.

Source : TRN,