Madan Krishna And Beyonce Planning To Sing Together

Veteran actor Madan Krishna Shrestha is set to sing a new song with Ugandan singer De Captain Beyonce Famacy, who became famous after singing ‘Phul Butte Sari’.

After the release of the song on YouTube, her voice gained immense popularity on YouTube and TikTok.

Shrestha had also praised her singing ability and expressed his desire to meet her.

This popular song sung by comedian and singer Shrestha became immense hit. T

he song was released in different versions. Shrestha, on the other hand, had given voice to this song under the legendary version.

In a meeting with Madan Krishna, Beyonce also expressed her happiness that her big dream to meet him had come true.

Giving information through social media, Shrestha has written, “Phul Butte Sari that we sang is also sung by Beyonce. Since then, the song has been felt to have taken the form of internationalisation. Now, Beyonce and I are in a process of singing a duet together.

I don’t know whether my old voice matches the young voice of Beyonce.”