Madhes Province to demand helicopter for disaster rescue

Madhes Province government has decided to demand a helicopter for rescue missions during monsoon-induced disasters.

The decision was taken by a meeting of the disaster management executive committee under Madhes Province’s Home and Communication Ministry on Thursday.

“Experts have suggested that floods in the Saptakoshi, Kamala and Bagmati among other rivers can cause more damage. Similarly, Chure region is also at a great risk. The helicopter will be used for immediate rescue,” said Bharat Prasad Sah, Minister for Home and Communication.

Minister Sah informed that the helicopter will be kept under the jurisdiction of Nepali Army and will be used for rescue and while transporting relief materials.

Similarly, every ward of the local levels across the province will also be equipped with at least one helipad each.

“The meeting has also decided to upgrade the emergency operation centre by adding necessary infrastructure and manpower. The centres’ offices in federal, provincial and local levels will also be connected for coordination,” said Ram Kumar Mahato, secretary at the ministry.

The provincial government will also be disseminating information on prevention and safety measures during disasters to the public in respect to the diverse local languages through different media.

The rapid response teams of Nepal Police, Nepali Army and Armed Police Force have also been requested to remain in high alert. “The Madhes Province Social Development Ministry will be requested to provide materials needed for rescue missions to the teams,” said Mahato.

The security forces alongside organisations working in disaster sector will also be conducting a drill on disaster rescue at the Kamala River on July 1.

Source : TRN,