Madhesi People Mark Holi In UAE

Madheshi Unity Society, an umbrella organisation of the people from southern plains of Nepal living abroad, celebrated Holi in Dubai of the United Arab Emirates on Sunday.

More than three hundred Madheshis living in the UAE participated in the function titled ‘Holi Rangotsav’.

Second secretary of the Nepal Embassy in UAE Bhuvan Ojha graced the programme chaired by the Society’s chairperson Mukesh Jha.

Second secretary Ojha said that marking Holi festival in the UAE by Nepalis made the embassy proud.

The revelers exchanged different colours and enjoyed the cultural foods of their homeland to mark the Holi.

On this occasion, a cultural programme was organised. Artists Santosh Sahani, Aarti Chaudhary, Ankita Sharma, Brajesh Singh, Ram Yadav, Pramila Rijal, Salamat, Indra Senchury, Dev Shrestha and Nepali Boys Team had performed songs and dances.

Earlier in 2016, Madheshis living in the UAE had celebrated Holi under the leadership of the Society’s founder Dr. Rabindra Kumar Yadav.

Source : TRN,