Madhyapur Launches ‘Nepal Mask Programme’

A nationwide ‘Nepal Mask Programme’ has been launched with the slogan ‘Let’s wear masks and save each other’.

The campaign has been launched from Madhyapur Thimi Municipality-4 Duipokhari in Bhaktapur.

Mayor of Lalitpur Metropolitan City Chiribabu Maharjan and Mayor of Madhyapur Thimi Municipality Madan Sundar Shrestha have launched a nationwide mask campaign by distributing masks to volunteers and locals.

Mayor of Madhyapur Thimi Municipality Shrestha said that the Nepal Mask Campaign was started from Madhyapur at a time when COVID-19 was increasing day by day and the risk of the third wave was increasing.

This time Bangladesh has provided 500,000 reusable masks which can be washed and reused 20 times.

“For that, 15 volunteers will be mobilised and they will go to each house, distribute the masks and teach them how to use it,” Mayor Shrestha said.

Some 30 million masks are coming from the United States, and a campaign will be launched to distribute those masks to all the municipalities in the valley and across the country through Municipal Mayor Forum.

Volunteers will distribute 25 masks per house for three or fewer members and one packet for over three-member families free of cost.

Source : TRN,