Makawanpur’s Disaster Response Plan Prepared

Makawanpur-based district administration office has formulated a disaster response plan.

The disaster response plan was prepared for carrying out preventive and protective functions by forecasting potential disaster incidents in the district, Chief District Officer Govinda Rijal informed.

Meanwhile, the district disaster management committee is to implement the plan developed by the district administration office. The committee has come up with a plan to execute the disaster response preparedness in coordination with all stakeholders.

Likewise, the Nepal Red Cross Society has been delegated with the responsibility to coordinate efforts in responding to disaster incidents in Makawanpur from non-government organizations front. Earlier, the Plan International, an INGO, has been taking charge this role.

The meeting also decided to provide with relief to six families of those killed after being taken away by different rivulets in the district since September 28.

Similarly, the meeting has decided to extract river materials from the affected areas for the mitigation of potential disasters nearby rivers and rivulets in the district.

Source : RSS,