Makwanpurgadhi To Sindhuligadhi Cycle Tour

A cycle tour has been organized from Makwanpurgadhi to Sindhuligadhi with the objective of promoting the preservation of the historical gadis or forts.

The event is also aimed at promoting domestic tourism in Hetauda, the capital of Bagmati province.

Chief Minister of Bagmati Dormani Poudel flagged off the cycle tour at Makwanpurgadhi on Saturday, by handing over cycle and national flag to world famous cyclist Puskar Shah.

The cycle tour has been organized by the Bagmati province Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Environment.

A total of 122 cyclists including three women are taking part in the tour that began from Makwanpurgadhi with an overnight rest at Hariharpurgadhi of Sindhuli last night.

The tour will end after the team reaches Sindhuligadhi today, said information officer of the Ministry Nawaraj Pudasaini.

A total of Rs. 1.1 million is expected to be spent for the promotional cycle tour event that covers a distance of 131 kilometers from Makwanpur to Sindhuli.

Source : RSS,