Manakamana Temple Opens After 4 Months

With the lifting of restrictions on religious places, the Manakamana Temple of Gorkha has reopened after four months.
According to Chief Priest Insan Thapa, hundreds of worshippers visited the temple on Wednesday to mark the first day of its reopening.
However, despite the loosening of the prohibitions, devotees must still follow certain rules, Thapa informed.

Everyone must wear masks and maintain social distance and no one is allowed inside the temple building for prayers.
Pilgrims, temple staff and security personnel are also required to wash their hands regularly, Lebendra Gurung, chairman of the Manakamana Area Development Committee, said. For this, a number of hand-washing stations have been set up on the temple premises, he added.

A health desk has also been established to monitor the health of visitors, Ramesh Babu Thapa, chairman of the Shahid Lakhan Rural Municipality, informed.
Along with the temple, the Manakamana Cable Car has also resumed service.
Similarly, the Gorakhkali and Gorakhnath temples of the district have also reopened their doors to worshippers.

Source : TRN,