Marsh Crocodile Rescued In Dhangadi

An adult Marsh crocodile (Magar Gohi) has been taken under control and released at a safe place of Bhajani Municipality-3 in Kailali district.
The crocodile, which had reached near the house of local Bhaddu Chaudhary from Kanda River searching to eat goats on Friday morning, was taken under control and released in a safe place.

Bikram Chaudhary, chairman of Ward No. 3 of the municipality, informed that the crocodile caught the goat but could not consume it. “The locals managed to save the goat,” he said. It is said that the crocodile reached Chaudhary’s house at around 3 in the morning.

The crocodile was taken under control in the presence of forest workers, people’s representatives, police, poaching control team and community officials from the Sub-Divisional Forest Office.
A trained team led by Antram Chaudhary of the Poaching Control Team took the crocodile under control and released it in the Dolphin Conservation Area in Ward No. 3, Chaudhary said.

Crocodiles have already entered the village in different places of Bhajani Municipality. Locals in the area, who are active in dolphin conservation, have been rescuing the wild animals that have entered the village and leave them in safe habitats.

Conservationist Bijay Raj Shrestha said that crocodiles live in the area all year round as there are natural habitats for various species of crocodiles.

Source : TRN,