Massive transformation in Maoist Centre after two months: PM Prachanda

Prime Minister and Chairman of the CPN (Maoist Centre) Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said the party would be transformed massively after two months.

Addressing the central Bagmati Province coordination committee meeting of the party held at party headquarters, Koteshwor on Sunday, Chairman Prachanda pointed out the need for quality reform. “Party standing committee has decided to run organizational campaign for two months. All party leaders and cadres should visit people. We go to all lower level of cadres and interact with people,” he reminded, expressing hope that it would help party identify aspiration of people, and cadres.

Based on the feedback from the campaign, a full meeting of the central committee would be held, thereby ensuring massive transformation in the party.

“We’re leading the government. It is a challenging opportunity for us. Government will keep in centre the people’s interests and concerns,” Chairman Prachanda shared before the leaders.

According to him, if the government performs well, it builds a base for restructuring of the party. “You need to work, keeping it in centre,” he underscored.

Moreover, Chairman Prachanda stated that the situation has changed after the government got vote of confidence. “The situation before and after trust vote is different,” Prachanda reminded, stressing that government should therefore address the aspiration of the party that voted for government in floor test.

PM Prachanda further said he was for national unity and national consensus.

Source : TRN,